El “libro silencioso” es una performance susurrada, auto-generada y automática (Autoteatro) para dos personas en la sala de lectura de una biblioteca. La pieza explora la tensión que caracteriza y hermana a las bibliotecas en todo el mundo: ese estado, mezcla de silencio y lectura concentrada, en el que las personas se sumergen cuando leen un libro, cada uno de manera íntima pero en un lugar público.

Dos espectadores/participantes están sentados uno al lado del otro junto a una pila de libros. reciben instrucciones escritas y susurradas que los guiarán en un enigmático viaje por las páginas. Entre ellos se desarrolla ese hechizo que se encuentra latente en la lectura íntima y solitaria de un libro y que ahora viaja en silencio de lector en lector.

"This now of the page is what grips me - the present moment, this one, summoned here with this arrangement of marks/code, ink/pixels, letters and words."

- Tim Etchells

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Versión en portugués llegará en el 2012

Versión inglés, alemán, polaca y español encargado por Ciudades Paralelas, un festival portátil curado por Stefan Kaegi y Lola Arias.


En coproducción con Vooruit, Belgium

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Creative production: Katja Timmerberg

Translation: Luz Algranti and Paula Porroni

Assistant director - Luz Algranti

First voice - Diego Jalfen

Child’s voice - Boris Villamarin

Third voice - Ana Baidembaum

'The Quiet Volume', this play by Ant Hampton and Tim Etchells leading a spectator into the world of books, is theatre of a very magical kind. A theatre of the gradual construction of thoughts whilst seeing, listening and reading. A theatre that pulls the world in and around, closer to and into the spectator, by making the very ability to read the world its thematic focus point. (...) It offers a kind of instruction for how to become blind: effectively nothing other than the careful readjustment of sight. Here it works most beautifully, because the direction of viewing or thinking suggested to the spectator via headphones and text always works both internally and externally, focussing on the material objects just as much as on the clusters of thoughts to which they are attached.

  1. -Doris Meierhenrich, Berliner Zeitung, 20.09.2010. original german here

...the feeling of heightened awareness in which every sound is magnified, every movement has increased significance and all words dance with possibility (...) there is a sense that we are all privately running amok in the libraries of our minds.

  1. -Lyn Gardner, The Guardian. Full review here

Technically, The Quiet Volume is superb. Etchells and Hampton direct your awareness gently between distinct elements. The track segues softly from ear to eye, the voice that you heard suddenly, seamlessly picked up by the page that you’ve turned. Or else it sweeps from deep introspection to a consideration of those around you. Foreground blurs into background, just as a camera shifts focus. This motion, forward and backwards like a the smooth jerks of a jellyfish, provides a vital sense of journey. From our position, seated and still, we are allowed to roam: a sendentary safari of a municipal space.

The Quiet Volume feels to me both a treasure and a tool. It will leave you desperate to fall into a good book.

- Matt Trueman, Culture Wars. Full review here


Autoteatro para dos, en una biblioteca

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Ant Hampton y Tim Etchells

El Volumen Silencioso