This event is now over.

It was designed for an audio accompaniment: here.

"beautiful... Peter and Joan become a live portrait viewed through their own living room window. This was such a moving, special and empathetic show, I cried through 10 minutes of the 18-minute audio. Definitely my pick of the day and I can't wait to see how Ant develops this wonderful piece."  - Catherine Paskell, National Theatre of Wales

A live portrait of Peter and Joan Brookes at home in their house, two minutes walk from BAC. Anticipating a larger project which will extend this use of people's front windows as frames for static, 'live' portraits.

From an idea developed by The Other People - Ant Hampton, Gemma Brockis, Greg McLaren.

"Since we came up with the idea for a live ’sitting’ it has always had a powerful effect on me. There’s something looping back, like a statue which is alive, but pretending to be inert. Received notions of how to view an artpiece, and the reason for making one at all, turned inside out – especially the portrait, with its traditional promise of immortality through art. When I’m stood in front of a living person in this context, the main thing I feel is a generosity from the subject which demands a reciprocity my eyes hardly know how to give, an openness to being ‘viewed’ amplifying the very fact of them being alive, mortal, vulnerable."

- Ant Hampton blognotes - see here for more.

With thanks to Pedro Antunes & Laura McDermott

Further info on The Other People / La Otra Gente here, from their four month residency in Buenos Aires (scroll down for English).


Need help downloading the audio?

Right-click here (control-click on a mac) and select 'download linked file'. Find that file and stick it in itunes or whatever you use with your mp3 player.

Iphone users can also just click the link when they're online at BAC and let the track load up in their browser, before leaving the building listening to it.


by Ant Hampton for The Other People

at BAC for the BURST Festival

> commissioned by BAC

Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th May 2009

8.30pm - 9.30pm