Headphones + pencil, paper and eraser. For two at a time.

Not to Scale is a full-length autoteatro performance which draws two participants into shared experiments and intertwined processes of drawing, erasing and listening. Guided by a binaural soundtrack, participants create a shared journey using pencil on blank sheets of paper. Crude doodles soon come to life in a comical and unsettling picture book narrative that plays constantly with the tension between creation and destruction, life and death, energy and entropy.

Things – stories, pictures, ideas – appear and disappear constantly on the page, a site which starts to unfold into a lo-fi carnival of possibility; a carnage of crossing out, overlapped drawings and landscape traces.

Like Ant Hampton’s other 'autoteatro' work, including his previous collaborations with Tim Etchells (The Quiet Volume, Lest We See), by simply following the prompts as best you can, things start to happen: performance is triggered from even the smallest movement. And they have never been so small.

Voiced by Terry O'Connor

With thanks to Isambard Khroustaliov and Lothar Ohlmeier for allowing samples from their album 'Nowhere'

production - Ana Riscado /

Created thanks to support from the following coproducing partners:

Access Point, St Petersburg, Russia

Dublin Theatre Festival, Ireland

Teatro do Bairro Alto, Lisbon, Portugal

Noorderzon Festival, Groeningen, NL