Autoteatro for two strangers on a bench
text / dialogue by Glen Neath 

concept / direction by Ant Hampton
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Hello for Dummies is a further development of a project by Ant Hampton and Glen Neath called The Bench (2010).

The audience is split up into pairs of strangers and sent out to sit on a bench together. This journey, and the conversation they find themselves having on the bench (their lines fed to them via headphones), all happens without them ever seeing each other’s face.

What happens when we don't have recourse to the face in our communications? If it's mostly useful as a kind of glue between what we read from someone's voice and body, the face is also sometimes hard to control... and can just as often get us into a sticky mess. In Hello for Dummies, our identities roam free from the tyranny of facial expression: happily unstuck, slightly unhinged.

Made with support from

Norfolk & Norwich Festival (UK)

Derby Feste (UK)  

Fusebox Festival (USA)

With studio support from Paul Bennun and Somethin' Else


Hello for Dummies

“I found the experience invigorating, exciting and emotionally challenging... In the 40 minutes this sublime interaction took to evolve, I experienced emotions ranging from acute anxiety to deep affection, from bewilderment to lucidity, from awkward embarrassment to personal buoyancy, and all within the framework of an evolving and thrilling truthfulness.”

- Lexie Matheson, Theatre Review New Zealand - link