ace your

A readymade one-on-one performance,

by Ant Hampton for The Other People

This project has nothing whatsoever to do with BAC's One-on-One festival, despite the format & identical tag-line, ‘Face your Fears’

(To support and/or attend the festival at BAC,

go here)

This performance is free, and usually includes a complementary refreshment.

Exit BAC, turn right, notice the renowned estate agents. Look in the windows. Choose a property you'd like to own. Enter. Ask for an agent to tell you as much as possible about the property.

Enjoy the performance

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strategies for a successful performance

have something in mind. check the properties here and on display in the windows.

aim high.

it’s ok to admit that you are scared.

ask for their opinion on all matters.

ensure you are allocated a bespoke performer by dropping in a little earlier and making an appointment. if you are a single female, they will often provide a charming male, or vice versa. they may also make an error of judgement.