The Quiet Volume

by Ant Hampton and Tim Etchells

Produced by Katja Timmerberg

Sound design and edit by Ant Hampton.

Binaural recordings: TiTo Toblerone

All foreign language versions directed by Ant Hampton.

English, German, Spanish, Polish and Dutch versions commissioned and produced by Ciudades Paralelas, an itinerant yet ‘site specific’ performance festival curated by Stefan Kaegi and Lola Arias.

English version:

In coproduction with Vooruit Arts Centre, Belgium

First voice - Ant Hampton

Child’s voice - Seth Etchells

Third voice - Jenny Naden

German version:

translation: Karen Witthuhn/ Transfiction

First voice - Andreas Schroder

Child’s voice - Inti Otto

Third voice - Lars Rudolph

Spanish version:

Translation: Luz Algranti and Paula Porroni

Assistant director - Luz Algranti

First voice - Diego Jalfen

Child’s voice - Boris Villamarin

Third voice - Ana Baidembaum

Polish version:

Translation and Assitant Director - Miroslaw Sikora

Edit - Tomasz Wojdyga

First voice - Kacper Kuszewski

Child’s voice - Kamil Tyburski

Third voice - Alina Wielocha

Dutch version:

Translation and Assitant Director - Daan Alkemade

Initial edit - Iwan van Wijk

First voice - Joost Claes

Child’s voice - Daan van der Spiegel

Third voice - Mrs. Appelman

Portuguese version:

Translated by Francisco Frazão

coproduced by Culturgest, premiered at Alkantara Festival

First voice - Pedro Penim

Child's voice - Pedro Lopes

Third voice - Julieta Reis

Brazilian Portuguese version:

Translation by Francisco Frazão adapted by Joelson Gussom

coproduced by Entre Lugares, Rio de Janeiro

First voice - Lucas Gouvêa

Child's voice - Wallace Victor

Third voice - Ana Teresa

Recordings / Edit - Paulo Brandão e Elizah Rodrigues @ Studio Brand

Japanese version:

Premiered at / coproduced by Sound Live Tokyo

First voice - Uichiro Fueda

Child's voice - Reichi Ito

Third voice - Tomoko Ando

Translation and recording supervision by Tomoyuki Arai

Recording and editing by Kohsuke Nakamura

Italian version:

Premiered at / coproduced by Uovo performing arts festival, Milano

supervision Martina Pozzo / Uovo

production director Paolo Rumi

First voice - Emanuele Fortunati

Child's voice - Pietro Ferro

Third voice - Franca Porzio

translation by Maddalena Fiocchi

recordings / edit - Andrea Pestarino @ Music Production

Thanks also to the chorus of whisperers, page turners and lampswitchers - 2am, September 1, 2010, Berlin >