The Audience 
by Ant Hampton, 2008 - 7 minute performance / slideshow
based on an online project by Ant Hampton and Britt Hatzius: 'This Site Could be Yours'
Originally created for 'A Peachy Coochy Afternoon - at the Heart of Performance' hosted by Forced Entertainment with Adrian Heathfield and David Gale at Riverside Studios
Subsequently shown during Tickle My Catastrophe, Voorhuit, Belgium
LIVING LANDSCAPES Aberystwyth 18-21 June 2009– An International Conference on Performance, Landscape and Environment
and Terminal News, Stoke Newington International Airport

'The Audience' is a surreal yet personal response to ideas of landscape, what man has made of it, how we see it now, and where we see it going. It mixes desperation with humour, placing the audience in impossibly varied settings somehow managing to string together as a single 'experience' which may either be a 'show', a lifetime, or the splintered memories of our world seen from some kind of future.