Fantasy Interventions

         writing for site-specific performance          

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A workshop on imagination and writing for site-specific theatre/ performance / live urban interventions. 

‘FANTASY INTERVENTIONS’ focusses on the initial stages of imagination and conception. An architect will often create sketches or models which aim to chrystalise the essence of an idea or project. These sketches will often exceed any number of 'real world' limitations (financial, structural, political, aesthetic, etc). Such sketches can often be considered valuable work in their own right, both for the artist and others. 

The workshop proposes to use writing and description as a form of ‘sketching’ that can assist in conceiving performance work for locations outside theatres.

What sort of imagination is required for this kind of performance? How can we achieve it / hold onto it / express it?

What does it mean to balance fantasy with feasibility?

To what extent are they separable? 

How do novelists create solidity and vivacity?

Is it possible to describe an event so vividly that it ‘happens’ without happening?

With a focus on observation, imagination and writing, and involving an introductory seminar, walks in the city, discussion, film and photography, the workshop is an exploratory three days, culminating in a series of on-location presentations: each participant, having written a text for a particular found location, then records that text as a 'track'. The group tours the different sites, starting the tracks simultaneously in order to hear the audio together. At each location, the writer will point / indicate the areas being addressed in the audio (eg 'The audience is over here, facing that way'...). 

To date, Ant has led the workshop in Bahia Blanca (Argentina), Dublin, Cairo, Oslo, Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, Austin (Texas), Vancouver, Riga and Lima.

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Photos - top and bottom taken during workshop in Oslo, Norway: ENCEPA, ‘Expanding Territories’, June 2012
This (middle) - Bahia Blanca, Argentina, Feb 2011. 
Above video shows found graffiti on same bridge: 
‘Todo lo que no pasa tambien es la ciudad’ 
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